Vacuum Casting Prototyping

Vacuum casting technique boost SAN-E to perform fast prototype manufacturing with competitive price thanks to the low-cost mold and master pattern.

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Vacuum Casting Services By SAN-E

Vacuum casting Processing is one of the fast and small-batch plastic-parts prototyping solutions for the R&D of your concept products, and used components replacement and innovation. You can always select the cost-effective solutions from SAN-E, no matter which industry you are involved in.

What Is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum Casting (sometimes referred to as Polyurethane Casting or Silicone Mold Casting) provides an economical alternative to the small-scale injection molding of plastic parts. This process creates a simulated final product, typically with the mold crafted from silicone rubber and made utilizing either a CNC or SLA part. These molds replicate details, textures, and create uniformity from one piece to the next.

Advantages Of Vacuum Casting

Why is vacuum casting from SAN-E one great solution for your prototypes?

Rapid Manufacturing

Processing the master pattern with our advanced CNC or 3D printing technique, SAN-E can reproduce the prototypes much faster.

Small Batch

It supports the product rapid manufacturing in the silicone mold at a quantity of 1-20 pcs, cost-effective for your low-volume demand.

High Simulation

The technique is of a silicone mold with a complex structure and fine pattern, which can clearly outline the fine features on the prototype parts.

Competitive Prices

The silicone mold and mater pattern are at low cost but still functional, thus we can offer much competitive prices for your prototypes.

Single & Multi-color

By a special vacuum casting methold - overmolding, SAN-E is able to produce the integrated prototype with multiple parts of different colors.

Surface Finishing

We are superior to perform careful post-treatments like burr removing, polishing, painting, texture and other material packing, etc.

Get your SAN-E Prototypes and Parts Fast with Our Easy Five-Step Process

SAN-E has lots of experience and can help you quickly make prototypes and low quantities of a product. They have a simple 5-step process that works well and they test everything carefully so that the quality is always good.

Rapid Prototype Communication


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Industrial designers will carefully assess and verify their plans to make them even better. They'll provide advice to improve the development process and create prototypes quickly.

Rapid Prototype Carried out​

Carried out

Our advanced CNC machining centers achieve ultra-high precision to 0.02mm. With rapid turnaround and a robust supply chain, we can quickly scale from prototypes into production

Rapidly Prototype Test​


Scientific quality inspection, rich management and control experiencelssue a quality inspection report for each product System certification, strict implementation to ensure quality

Rapidly Prototype Deliver


Guaranteed quality and on-time delivery. Rapid prototyping and production. Swift concept-to-product solutions. Responsive supply chain. Accelerated timelines.

Capabilities and Services to Prototype and Produce On Demand

SAN-E transforms concepts into quality parts in days. An extension of your team, we provide comprehensive on-demand prototyping and manufacturing services for complex, custom products. With advanced technologies and expertise, we prototype rapidly and mass produce precisely. From start to finish, we partner to make your innovative designs a reality.

Reasons Why Our Customers Love SAN-E Surface Finished Services

SAN-E’s CNC turning services provide precise, fast, and efficient solutions with state-of-the-art equipment for complex designs. Revolutionizing manufacturing, trust us to meet the highest standards for quality and precision.

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