Low-volume Injection Molding

SAN-E delivers custom injection molding services, bringing prototypes and on-demand production parts to life. With free quotes and design feedback, we offer top-tier services, inspired by SAN-E’s holistic approach, ensuring quality from material identification to final inspection. Mirroring Xometry, we efficiently cater high-volume, complex small-sized parts. With an international team devoted to delivering exceptional services, we curate precise solutions to optimally meet diverse needs and budgets.

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Custom Injection Molding for Prototypes and Production: SAN-E

Unrivaled in our injection molding capabilities, we deliver customized services for creating flawless plastic prototypes and on-demand production parts. Offering free consultations and timely estimations, our dedicated team stands by your side ensuring customer satisfaction globally. Choose excellence, choose SAN-E.

Injection Molding Processes By SAN-E

The use of SAN-E material in the injection molding procedure provides benefits like excellent thermal resistance, structural integrity and a superb gloss finish. It is a preferred choice for items ranging from cosmetic containers, electrical equipment to assorted kitchen utensils.


We welcome you to request a quote via our online quotation platform and rest assured that our dedicated engineers will respond within 24 hours, ensuring a seamless process.

DFM Report

A comprehensive DFM report for a mold making project will be the first step to success. In order to reduce the risk in the manufacturing process, as a mold manufacturer, we try our best to inform customers of potential problems in advance.

Mold Flow Analysis

Our mold flow analysis works to pinpoint issues that can arise from these difficult flowing materials as well as other issues like thin walls and complicated geometries, providing solutions to improve flow and mold ability.

Mold Tooling Production

According to your special application needs, using the materials and surface treatments you requested, start the production of mold.

T1 mold trial

The more potential defects that are identified and corrected in the T1 sample, the fewer additional sample runs will be required during the development of the finished product. Correctly identifying defects at this stage can save you a lot of time and money.

Low volume production

After completing the trial production phase, we proceed to low volume production to check the quality of products again and send samples for test and previous promotion.

Strict Inspection

A strict inspection process includes the inspection of function, dimension, appearance and can pass all industry requested test in actual application, ensures that the parts meet the required specifications and are of high quality.


After a complete inspection, we will deliver your products or mold to you as quickly as possible while ensuring their safety.

Explorations in Diverse Injection Molding Applications by SAN-E

Transforming the industry with precision, SAN-E offers world-leading injection molding services. With our robust, versatile, and innovative solutions, we’re committed to articulating your vision in functional forms across multiple industries.

Navigating Material Choices with SAN-E Injection Molding Services

Familiarize yourself with an array of commonly used materials in injection molding. Understand the grades, brands, pros, and cons to select the perfect material fulfilling your application requirements with SAN-E. Discover how the right materials choice can drive the success of your end product.


Nylon (PA – Polyamide): Preferred in injection molding for high mechanical strength.
Advantage: Heat resistant
Lead Time: Varies
Tolerances: Exceptional

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): Used in injection molding for its blend of toughness and rigidity.
Advantage: High impact resistance
Lead Time: Moderate
Tolerances: High


PC (Polycarbonate): Utilized in injection molding as an impact-resistant, transparent plastic.
Advantage: Excellent impact strength
Lead Time: Low
Tolerances: Moderate

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): Widely used in injection molding for low-cost, versatile plastic production.
Advantage: Cost-effective
Lead Time: High
Tolerances: Moderate

PU (Polyurethane): Adopted in injection molding for its highly customizable properties.
Advantage: Highly flexible
Lead Time: Moderate


PMMA (Acrylic): Chosen
Lead Time
Tolerances: Moderate


PP (Polypropylene): Utilized in injection molding for lightweight, heat-resistant applications.
Advantage: Excellent chemical resistance
Lead Time: Low
Tolerances: High

PE (Polyethylene): Preferred in injection molding for low-cost, high-volume production.
Advantage: Economical for high-volume production
Lead Time: High
Tolerances: High

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene): Great for injection molding due to high stiffness and chemical resistance.
Advantage: Highly rigid
Lead Time: Moderate
Tolerances: Moderate


PS (Polystyrene): Chosen for injection molding due to low cost and rigidity.
Advantage: Easy to mold
Lead Time: High
Tolerances: Low


POM (Polyoxymethylene): Used in injection molding for high strength, rigid parts.
Advantage: High mechanical strength
Lead Time: Moderate
Tolerances: Exceptional

Injection molding Tool Steel
Injection molding Stainless Steel

Surface Treatment of Injection Mold

Injection molding includes injection mold tooling, plastic injection molding, and surface treatment of the mold during production. After injection molding, we perform surface treatments on the finished product as per your requirement. 
Name Surface Treatment Description
Polishing Smoothing the surface of the injection mold for a glossy finish
Pad printing Transferring ink onto the mold’s surface for detailed designs
Silkscreen Applying ink through a screen for intricate patterns and logos
Custom Color Painting Adding customized paint to match specific colors
Laser engraving Etching precise designs or markings with a laser beam
Heat treatment Controlled heating and cooling to enhance mold durability
Texture Creating a textured surface for a unique feel and appearance

Injection Molding Capabilities By SAN-E

Standards Description
Maximum Part Size 1200×1000×500 mm
47.2×39.4×19.7 in.
Minimum Part Size 1×1×1 mm
0.039×0.039×0.039 in.
Part to Part Repeatability +/- 0.1 mm
+/- 0.0039 in.
Mold Cavity Tolerances +/- 0.05 mm
+/- 0.002 in.
Available Mold Types Steel and aluminum tooling. Production grade we provide: Under 1000 cycles, under 5000 cycles, under 30,000 cycles, and over 100,000 cycles
Machines Available Single cavity, multi-cavity, and family molds,
50 to 500 press tonnage
Secondary Operations Mold texturing, pad printing, laser engraving, threaded inserts and basic assembly.
Inspection and Certification Options First Article Inspection, ISO 9001, ISO 13485
Lead Time 15 business days or less for most orders,
24/7 quotation response

The Choice for Excellence: Why Opt for SAN-E's Injection Molding Solutions

Break boundaries with SAN-E’s 3D printing solutions, the perfect blend of innovation, precision, and quality. Our advanced technology delivers exceptional accuracy and reliability, ensuring your designs come to life just as you envisioned. With our dedicated support and top-notch post-processing, choosing SAN-E means opting for an unparalleled 3D printing experience full of possibilities and success.

Online Instant Quotes and DFM Analysis

Our digital quoting platform provides instant competitive pricing and comprehensive DFM feedback upon upload of design files. No need to write quote request emails.

Consistent High Quality

We operate with a strict quality management system, complete with full inspections to ensure you receive defect-free, precision machined parts.

Fast Lead Times

Thanks to our digital CNC machining services platform and in-house workshops equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we ensure speedy production and delivery for your prototypes or parts.

24/7 Engineering Support

Our experienced engineers are ready to provide you with part design solutions, material selection advice, surface finishing options, and lead time information regardless of your location or the time of day.

On-Demand Manufacturing Capacity

With us, you can eliminate downtime spent waiting for parts and safeguard in-house machining, thanks to our infinite manufacturing capacity.

Advanced Capabilities

Benefit from our wide variety of engineering-grade plastic and metal materials along with finishing options like anodizing, plating, and chromate coating. We offer tight tolerances and volume pricing options through our manufacturers' network.

Injection Molding Product Showcase Gallery by SAN-E

The SAN-E 3D printing product showcase gallery represents the perfect marriage between our innovative technology and the unique needs of clients across various industries. By browsing our gallery, you’ll see the wonder of how we’ve used our 3D printing expertise to bring our clients’ visions to life from complex aerospace parts, to exquisite jewelry designs, to vibrant architectural models.

Explore Why Customers Adore Our SAN-E Injection Molding Services

SAN-E’s 3D printing technology uses advanced equipment and strives for perfection in craftsmanship, providing precise, fast, and efficient services. By creating precision parts layer by layer, it can meet the requirements of various specification designs. This technology has changed our understanding of the potential for manufacturing and made it possible for all industries to achieve complex designs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Injection Molding

We are very happy to help you with your project. MOQ can be negotiated.

A: Usually, It’s 15 days to 20 days. Please Confirm with us before Order.

A: Yes, the size, diameter and length can be produced as per client’s requirements.

A: Yes, make label according to your exact requirement

A: If have any quality problems during use, all the products can be returned or according to consumer’s requests.

We adopt the fastening carton or wood case package for the shipment. If any unexpected accident happens, we will reproduce it and ship it to you for free.

Explore More Capabilities and Services We Support

SAN-E transforms concepts into quality parts in days. An extension of your team, we provide comprehensive on-demand prototyping and manufacturing services for complex, custom products. With advanced technologies and expertise, we prototype rapidly and mass produce precisely. From start to finish, we partner to make your innovative designs a reality.

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