China CNC Machining

SANE China CNC Machining is your trusted partner for precision CNC machined parts. We provide rapid prototyping and large-scale production runs using advanced CNC equipment and highly skilled technicians. Our ISO-certified factory enables milling, turning, cutting, drilling and grinding of a wide range of plastics and metals to tight tolerances. With decades of experience and around-the-clock quoting and operations, SAN-E aims to redefine your expectations for CNC manufacturing. We optimize designs for manufacturability while preserving critical specifications. 100% inspection and strict process controls ensure high quality and on-time delivery. From prototypes to end-use parts, we provide a seamless solution for your needs.Our vertically integrated facility and experienced engineering staff translate your concepts into precisely machined realities. Competitive, transparent pricing makes SAN-E an affordable manufacturing partner so you can bring innovative products to market faster. We invite you to experience how our technical capabilities and customer commitment can benefit your business.The future of CNC manufacturing is here. At SAN-E, we make it faster, easier and more cost-effective to source high-quality CNC machined parts exactly when you need them. Our goal is simple: empower progress by transforming ideas into solutions through precision, expertise, and service. We stand ready to be an integral part of your success story. The only question is, when will you let us show you what a partnership can mean? The time for your best CNC manufacturing experience is now – contact SAN-E today!