Who is SAN-E Prototyping?

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San-E Prototype(Anxi) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012,  which specializes in the product design and rapid prototyping of digital products, automotive product, AI robotics, household appliances, medical devices and short-run precision production of the parts. With 130+ CNC machining centers, 20+ of which are 5-axis, and a workforce of 310 employees, the factory covers an area of 55,000 square meters.

During the two years in 2020 and 2021, SANE Prototyping finished the construction of the sheet metal fabrication based and the automotive R&D center in a fast speed.

SAN-E Prototyping’s expertise extends to serving various industries such as the automotive industries, IT and digital products, Telecommunications, home appliances, medical equipment, and more. This makes the company capable of handling conventional and technically challenging requirements, including specific surface treatments.

Adhering to the concept of customer-oriented, SAN-E Prototyping dedicates itself to the rapid concept product prototyping and short-run precision production to shorten your R&D cycle time.

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SAN-E Prototyping History

In 2012

SAN-E Prototype (ANXI) Co., Ltd. (SAN-E Prototyping) was founded in Anxi County, Fujian.

In 2017

SAN-E (Fujian) production base was completed, covering a total area of 55,000 square meters.

In 2020

SAN-E Dongguan branch - Dwas founded in Tangxia County, Dongguan.

In 2021

SAN-E sheet metal fabrication production base is completed in Dongguan branch.

In 2021

The sole car R&D center is founded in SAN-E Dongguan branch.

Coming soon...

Let's look forward to SAN-E Prototyping continuing to grow and evolve.

SAN-E Satisfies Diverse Industry Demands

SAN-E‘s Factory

SAN-E's factory in Fujian covers an impressive area of 550,000 square meters and is equipped with over 310 dedicated employees. The manufacturing center comprises three major divisions: the digital products division, plastic models division, and metal parts division. These divisions cater to both the domestic department and the international department, ensuring comprehensive services for our valued customers.

Additionally, SAN-E boasts an exceptional R&D division, specializing in cutting-edge technologies such as 3D scanning, graphic design, industrial design, graphic design, mechanical design, and electronic design, etc. This expertise enables us to assist our customers in making the concept into physical product in a short time. Such commitment to R&D represents the core value of San-E.

Main Industries SAN-E Serves

SAN-E has the capability to work with designers from numerous industries on projects of rapid concept product prototyping or short-run precision production, providing optional solutions based on your design and budgets with optional metal and plastic materials. Our advanced processing techniques allow us to deliver high-quality prototypes and parts that meet the specific needs of different industries such as automotive, AI robotics, digital products, home appliances, medical, decoration, etc.

SAN-E Core Techniques

SAN-E transfers product concepts into design and prototypes in days. Together with you under the high-confidentiality agreement, we provide comprehensive on-demand concept product design, prototyping and short-run precision production of your custom metal and plastic parts. With our mature and advanced technologies and expertise, the minimum lead time of our rapid prototyping services reaches 24 hours.

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