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Rapid Prototyping & Short-run Precision Production

We transform product ideas into manufactured realities through verified processes. Leveraging global partner networks, technologies like injection molding, CNC machining and finishing services, we prototype rapidly and produce precisely, guaranteeing on-demand quality from concept to end use.

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Prototyping & Short-run Production Capabilities and Services

SAN-E transforms concepts into quality parts in days. An extension of your team, we provide comprehensive on-demand prototyping and manufacturing services for complex, custom products. With advanced technologies and expertise, we prototype rapidly and mass produce precisely. From start to finish, we partner to make your innovative designs a reality.

Large Corporations Have Confidence in Our Services

Prototypes and Parts Manufacturing Process

With over 10 years of concept product rapid prototyping and short-run precision production, SAN-E Prototyping, having been serving 1000+ customers, is able to provide fast and cost-effective processing solutions to shorten your concept product R&D cycle. Let’s see how we perform the processing.

Rapid Prototype Communication


With NDA signed first, you will start the communication with single professional sales engineer, who provides instant quote, DFM report and the whole manufacturing progress until you receive your products.


Our engineer is responsible for assessment, DFM report and most effective processing solutions of your design. The possible disassembly may be needed for rapid and economy manufacturing.

Rapid Prototype Carried out​

Carried out

Once getting your permission, we’ll perform rapid product prototyping and precision production with the scheduled CNC machining, 3D printing, injection molding, sheet metal fab, vacuum casting techniques.

Rapidly Prototype Test​

QI and Verification

Our quality engineers will perform serious quality inspection and verification with the two-dimensional and CMM inspection tool to ensure the quality before shipping.

Rapidly Prototype Deliver

Packing & Deliver

Once the quality is guaranteed, the works will pack the prototype or parts safely. And we partner with multiple international courier express companies, which are optional for you.

Discover Our Multitude of Supported Industries

At SAN-E, we have the capability to work with numerous industries, providing superior quality and reliable functionality. Whether it’s prototyping or production, we have a wide selection of production-grade metal and plastic materials. Our advanced on-demand manufacturing techniques allow us to deliver high-quality products that meet the specific needs of different industries. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional solutions across a range of industries.

Why Choose SAN-E Prototyping?

SAN-E has decades of experience delivering best solutions for rapid prototyping, and short-run manufacturing needs through a streamlined innovation process consisting of three steps.

Professional Manufacturing

Comprehensive cnc design software and skilled engineers enable samples to be completed in 3-7 days. Complete set of testing equipment and quality control create excellent cnc machining products.

24*7 Hours Service

We can help you with your project from start to finish. Just send us your design and we will give you a price quote in less than a day. We are here to support you anytime you need it.

High Precision

When people want CNC machining services from China, they want things to be very precise. We know that, so we always make sure we give you the highest precision possible.

Fast Shipping

We can customize and ship your product quickly. Our shipping and suppliers are reliable, so you'll always get your cnc goods on time.

Awesome Team

We are a group of professionals who treat each other with sincerity and always keep our promises. This helps us provide satisfying cooperation to all our clients.

Low Cost

If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing to worry about. We make sure you get quality service within your budget. That doesn’t mean we have to compromise quality!

Customer Testimonials

See What Our Valued Customers Have to Say: They Rave About Our Exceptional CNC Machine Service, Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Techniques, Reliable Injection Molding Capabilities, and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions That Exceed Their Specific Industry Needs.

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Stay Informed with the Latest Industry Updates and Explore a World of Possibilities with SAN-E CNC Machine Service, Cutting-Edge 3D Printing Techniques, Reliable Injection Molding Capabilities, and Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Solutions. Discover Fresh Insights and Expert Advice to Stay Ahead in the Rapidly Evolving Manufacturing Landscape.